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Name Popularity: 51%

Kenya name meaning:

The name Kenya is of African origin and is derived from the Swahili word "kenya" which means "animal horn." In Swahili culture, animal horns are considered a symbol of strength, power, and protection. Therefore, the name Kenya can be interpreted as representing these qualities. It also reflects the natural beauty and diversity of the country of Kenya itself.

In addition to its meaning in Swahili, Kenya holds historical significance as the name of a country in East Africa. Known for its stunning landscapes, wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, Kenya is often associated with adventure and exploration. The name Kenya may also symbolize resilience and determination, as the country has overcome various challenges throughout its history.

Overall, the name Kenya carries a sense of strength, power, and natural beauty. It embodies the spirit of Africa and represents both the cultural heritage and the natural wonders of the country.

Origin: Hebrew

Animal horn.


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9 recorded births last year

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