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Name Popularity: 55%

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The name Jaime is a variant of the name James, which has Hebrew origins and means "supplanter" or "one who follows." It is a masculine name that has been widely used in various cultures and languages. The name holds historical significance, as several notable figures have borne the name Jaime.

In Spanish-speaking countries, Jaime is a popular name that is pronounced "HY-meh." It has Spanish and Portuguese roots and is derived from the name Jacobus, a Latin version of the Hebrew name Yaakov. Jaime is often associated with qualities such as leadership, determination, and charisma.

The name Jaime has been given to kings, writers, actors, and athletes, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal. People named Jaime often exhibit strong and independent personalities, embracing their role as leaders and influencers. With its rich history and positive connotations, the name Jaime serves as a meaningful and powerful choice for a boy, representing qualities that are admired and respected.

Origin: Spanish

Form of James. one who supplants.


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