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Name Popularity: 95%

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The name Inaaya is of Arabic origin and holds various meanings. In Arabic, the name Inaaya means "gift of God" or "blessing from God." It is derived from the root word "Anaya," which signifies kindness, compassion, and care. The name carries a sense of divine grace and symbolizes the preciousness and uniqueness of the child.

Inaaya is also a name with Hindu origins, particularly in India. In Sanskrit, Inaaya means "gaze" or "intent," representing a focused and determined nature. It can also be associated with the idea of wisdom and insight. Inaaya embodies qualities such as beauty, intelligence, and strength, making it a name that parents often choose for their daughters as a reflection of their hopes and aspirations for the child.

Overall, the name Inaaya holds a deep significance and conveys a sense of divine favor and guidance. It represents the belief that the child is a special and cherished gift, embodying qualities that are valued and admired in different cultures.


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Overall UK ranking: 283 out of 5581

167 recorded births last year

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