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The name Ilsa is a variant of the name Elisabeth, which has Hebrew origins and means "God is my oath." It is a popular name in various cultures and has been used for centuries. The name Ilsa carries a strong and powerful meaning, as it symbolizes a deep connection and commitment to a divine power.

Those named Ilsa are often perceived as confident and determined individuals who are faithful in their beliefs and values. They possess a strong sense of purpose and are known for their unwavering loyalty and trustworthiness. Ilsa's tend to be independent and self-reliant, but also have a nurturing and caring nature towards others.

In addition to its spiritual significance, the name Ilsa is also associated with beauty and elegance. It is a name that exudes grace and sophistication, reflecting the refined nature of those who bear it. Overall, Ilsa is a name that encapsulates strength, faith, and beauty, making it a highly meaningful and impactful choice for a young girl.

Origin: German

Abbreviation of Elizabeth.

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Overall UK ranking: 5581 out of 5581

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