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The name Hudson is of English origin and carries various meanings. One interpretation of the name is derived from Old English, where "hud" means "hood" and "son" means "son," suggesting that Hudson could be translated as "son of the hooded man." Another possible origin is from the Old Norse name "Hudulfr," which combines "hud" meaning "mind," and "ulfr" meaning "wolf," suggesting that Hudson could mean "mind of a wolf" or "wolf's mind."

Hudson is also commonly associated with the Hudson River, which flows through New York State. This geographic reference adds a sense of strength and power to the name, as the Hudson River is known for its size and beauty. Additionally, the name Hudson gained popularity through the fame of the actor Rock Hudson, known for his charismatic and confident persona.

Overall, the name Hudson has a rugged and strong quality, evoking images of nature, strength, and intelligence. It is a name that carries historical and geographic significance, while also having a modern and trendy appeal.

Origin: English

Son of the hooded man.


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