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Name Popularity: 87%

Huda name meaning:

The name Huda is of Arabic origin and carries a beautiful meaning. Huda means "guidance" or "right guidance" in Arabic. It is a feminine name that holds significant importance in Islamic culture. The name Huda is often associated with the concept of being guided to the right path, both spiritually and morally.

In Islamic teachings, guidance is highly valued, and Huda represents this virtue. It symbolizes the idea of being led towards enlightenment, righteousness, and truth. Individuals named Huda are often seen as wise, intuitive, and spiritually inclined. They have a strong sense of direction and are known for their ability to guide others in the right direction.

Overall, the name Huda carries a profound and positive meaning. It emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance in life, both for oneself and for others. It represents a person who seeks truth and guides others towards it, making Huda a name that embodies wisdom, enlightenment, and moral compass.

Origin: Arabic

Right guidance.

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Overall UK ranking: 720 out of 5581

52 recorded births last year

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