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The name Hoorain is of Arabic origin and holds significant cultural and religious connotations. In Arabic, Hoorain is derived from the word "hoor" which refers to the dark-eyed, beautiful, and pure beings found in Paradise as described in Islamic texts. The plural form of hoor is "hoorain." Thus, the name Hoorain can be interpreted as "two beautiful and pure beings."

In Islamic tradition, the concept of hoorain is associated with the rewards and blessings that await believers in the afterlife. It symbolizes the ultimate beauty, purity, and perfection found in Paradise. Naming a girl Hoorain can be seen as a reflection of the parents' hopes and aspirations for their daughter to embody these qualities.

The name Hoorain is considered unique and carries a sense of spirituality and grace. It is often given to girls within Muslim communities, emphasizing their connection to Islamic teachings and their potential to be virtuous and righteous individuals.


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