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The name Hoor is of Arabic origin and is commonly given to girls. In Arabic, the word "Hoor" (حور) refers to a beautiful, fair-skinned woman with large dark eyes. It is often associated with the concept of paradise in Islamic belief, where it is believed that Hoor al-Ayn (the plural form of Hoor) are the beautiful companions promised to righteous believers in the afterlife.

In Islamic tradition, Hoor al-Ayn are described as pure and flawless creatures, created specifically to provide eternal pleasure and companionship to those who enter paradise. They are often depicted as being youthful, with an otherworldly beauty that surpasses any earthly beauty. The name Hoor, therefore, carries connotations of beauty, perfection, and divine reward.

Choosing the name Hoor for a girl could reflect the parents' desire for their daughter to embody beauty and grace. It may also symbolize their hope for her to be a source of happiness and companionship to others. Additionally, the name Hoor may carry spiritual significance for those who follow the Islamic faith, as it connects to the concept of paradise and the rewards awaiting the righteous.

Origin: Arabic

Virgin of Paradise. Nymph.

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