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Name Popularity: 51%

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Franki is a variant spelling of the name Frankie, which is typically a unisex name but is more commonly associated with boys. The name Franki is derived from the masculine given name Frank, which has Germanic origins and means "free man" or "free one." The name itself carries a sense of independence, strength, and freedom.

When used as a girl's name, Franki can be seen as a unique and modern choice. It can be interpreted as a way to challenge traditional gender norms and expectations, embracing a more gender-neutral or inclusive identity. The name Franki also conveys a sense of individuality and self-confidence, as it is not a commonly used name for girls. Overall, the meaning of the name Franki embodies qualities of empowerment, autonomy, and breaking free from societal constraints.

Origin: English

Modern variants of Frances meaning from France or free one.


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Overall UK ranking: 2711 out of 5581

9 recorded births last year

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