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Name Popularity: 95%

Faye name meaning:

The name Faye is derived from the Middle English word "faie" or "fay," which means "fairy" or "enchanted being." The name is often associated with magical and mystical elements, symbolizing a sense of enchantment, grace, and otherworldliness. Faye is a name that carries a whimsical and ethereal quality, evoking imagery of delicate creatures and fantastical realms.

Those named Faye are often characterized as imaginative, creative, and free-spirited individuals. They possess a natural charm and a captivating presence, drawing others towards them. Faye signifies a connection to the mystical and unseen aspects of life, representing a deep appreciation for beauty and wonder. This name can also reflect a person who embraces their unique qualities and uses them to bring joy and inspiration to others.

Overall, the name Faye embodies a sense of magic, enchantment, and grace, encapsulating the spirit of a radiant and ethereal being.

Origin: French

Fairy or Elf.

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Overall UK ranking: 289 out of 5581

164 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (216)

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