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Name Popularity: 94%

Everleigh name meaning:

The name Everleigh is of English origin and is a combination of the names Eve, meaning "life" or "living," and Leigh, meaning "meadow" or "clearing." Therefore, the name Everleigh can be interpreted to mean "living in a meadow" or "the essence of life in a serene environment." This name conveys a sense of tranquility, nature, and vitality, suggesting a peaceful and harmonious existence.

For a boy named Everleigh, this name could symbolize a connection to nature, a strong life force, and a peaceful presence. It may also reflect a nurturing and grounded personality, someone who values simplicity, beauty, and balance in life. Overall, the name Everleigh for a boy carries a meaningful and positive connotation, evoking images of a serene and vibrant individual.

Origin: English

From Ever's meadow.

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Overall UK ranking: 307 out of 5581

153 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (363)

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