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Name Popularity: 93%

Ember name meaning:

The name Ember is derived from the English vocabulary word "ember," which refers to a glowing piece of coal or wood that remains after a fire has died down. As a name, Ember carries a sense of warmth, light, and energy. It symbolizes the burning embers that keep the fire alive and can represent the inner fire or passion within an individual.

Ember is often associated with qualities such as strength, resilience, and intensity. Those named Ember are believed to possess a fiery and determined nature, full of enthusiasm and zeal. They are seen as individuals who can bring warmth and light to the lives of others, inspiring and motivating them. The name Ember can also suggest a spark of creativity, innovation, and originality, indicating a person who has the potential to ignite and transform their surroundings with their ideas.

Overall, the name Ember embodies the idea of a glowing ember that continues to radiate heat and energy long after the fire has dimmed. It represents a person with a bright and passionate spirit, capable of igniting positive change in the world.

Origin: English

Smoldering remains of a fire.

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Overall UK ranking: 373 out of 5581

123 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (485)

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