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Name Popularity: 98%

Elodie name meaning:

The name Elodie is of French origin and carries a beautiful meaning. It is derived from the word "élodie" which means "foreign riches" or "wealthy". This suggests that individuals with the name Elodie possess a sense of richness and abundance that extends beyond material possessions. They may have a deep inner wealth of qualities such as kindness, compassion, wisdom, and creativity.

Elodie also has a melodic and elegant sound to it, reflecting the grace and charm associated with the name. It is a name that exudes femininity and carries a sense of sophistication. Girls named Elodie are often seen as graceful and refined individuals who have a natural ability to bring beauty and harmony into their surroundings.

Overall, the name Elodie represents a sense of inner wealth and beauty, as well as elegance and grace. It is a name that carries positive connotations and suggests a person with numerous desirable qualities.

Origin: Greek

Marshy, white blossom.

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Overall UK ranking: 93 out of 5581

576 recorded births last year

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    Regional popularity

    Ranking for this name in various UK regions

  • England (94)
  • Wales (100)
  • Scotland (236)

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