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Name Popularity: 87%

Eleri name meaning:

The name Eleri is a Welsh name derived from the river Eleri, which flows through Wales. It is a name with deep historical and cultural significance in Wales. The name is commonly given to girls and is associated with qualities such as strength, beauty, and grace.

Eleri is a name that carries a sense of connection to nature and the land. The river Eleri is known for its tranquility and its role in sustaining life in the surrounding areas. Thus, the name Eleri can be seen as symbolizing a strong and nurturing personality. It evokes images of a young girl who is serene and gentle, yet resilient and determined.

Due to its Welsh origins, Eleri also has ties to Welsh mythology and folklore. In Welsh legends, rivers often hold mystical and magical properties. Therefore, the name Eleri can be seen as encompassing a sense of enchantment and mystery. Overall, Eleri is a name that represents a harmonious blend of natural beauty, inner strength, and a touch of magic.


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Overall UK ranking: 720 out of 5581

52 recorded births last year

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  • Wales (86)
  • Scotland (1490)

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