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Name Popularity: 92%

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The name Duaa is of Arabic origin and holds a deep significance in Islamic culture. Duaa is derived from the Arabic word "du'a," which means prayer or supplication. It is a beautiful and meaningful name that reflects the act of calling upon Allah, seeking His guidance, blessings, and mercy. The name Duaa signifies a strong connection with the divine and signifies the importance of prayer in one's life.

Those named Duaa are often perceived as individuals who value spirituality and possess a deep sense of faith. They are often known for their sincere and earnest prayers, seeking guidance and blessings for themselves and others. Individuals with the name Duaa are believed to have a special relationship with Allah and are seen as being blessed with the ability to reach out to the heavens with their supplications.

Overall, the name Duaa represents a profound spiritual connection and reflects the significance of prayer in the lives of those who bear this name. It symbolizes faith, devotion, and the belief in the power of communication with the divine.


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97 recorded births last year

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