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The name Deva is of Sanskrit origin and has various meanings depending on the cultural context. In Hinduism, Deva means "deity" or "god." It is derived from the Sanskrit word Dev, which means "to shine" or "to play." In this context, the name Deva may signify a divine being or a celestial entity.

Furthermore, Deva is also a common given name in Eastern Europe, particularly in countries like Bulgaria and Romania. In this region, Deva is often associated with the devas, which are mythological female creatures resembling fairies or nymphs. These devas are believed to possess magical powers and are connected to nature and fertility. As a name for a girl, Deva may evoke qualities such as grace, beauty, and a close affinity with nature.

Overall, the name Deva carries a sense of divinity, power, and enchantment. It can represent a connection to the divine or a strong bond with nature, depending on the cultural context. It is a name that encompasses both spiritual and mythical connotations, making it a meaningful choice for parents seeking a name that reflects a sense of wonder and magic.

Origin: Sanskrit


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