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Name Popularity: 94%

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The name Daria is of Persian origin and has several possible meanings. One interpretation is that it means "rich" or "wealthy" in Persian. This reflects a sense of abundance and prosperity, suggesting that individuals named Daria may have a strong connection to material and financial success. Another possible meaning is "maintainer of goodness" or "upholder of the good" in Persian. This interpretation emphasizes the moral and ethical qualities associated with the name, suggesting that those named Daria may possess a strong moral compass and a desire to promote goodness in the world.

In addition to its Persian roots, the name Daria also has Slavic origins, where it is derived from the name Darya. In Slavic languages, this name means "gift" or "the sea". This interpretation evokes a sense of depth, mystery, and fluidity, aligning with the vastness and enigmatic nature of the sea. It implies that individuals named Daria may possess a similar sense of depth in their personalities, displaying characteristics such as wisdom, intuition, and adaptability.

Overall, the name Daria carries connotations of wealth, goodness, and depth, suggesting that individuals with this name may possess qualities such as financial success, moral integrity, and profound insights.

Origin: Persian



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Overall UK ranking: 355 out of 5581

131 recorded births last year

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