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Name Popularity: 89%

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The name Aysha has Arabic origins and is derived from the name Aisha, which means "alive" or "she who lives" in Arabic. It is a popular name among Muslims and has significant cultural and historical associations. Aysha was the name of Prophet Muhammad's third and favorite wife, known for her wisdom, kindness, and strong character. Therefore, the name Aysha is often associated with these characteristics and is considered a name of great honor and respect.

In addition to its religious significance, the name Aysha also carries a sense of vitality and liveliness. It conveys the idea of being full of life and energy. People with the name Aysha often exhibit a vibrant and passionate personality, with a strong will to achieve their goals. They are usually assertive and confident individuals who possess leadership qualities and are not afraid to express their opinions.

Overall, the name Aysha is a beautiful and meaningful name for a girl, representing strength, wisdom, and a zest for life. It is a name that carries historical and cultural significance while also symbolizing vitality and liveliness.

Origin: Arabic

Woman, life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet Mohammed.

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63 recorded births last year

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