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Name Popularity: 95%

Ayra name meaning:

The name Ayra is of Arabic origin, and it holds several meanings depending on cultural interpretations. In Arabic, Ayra can mean "respectable," "honorable," or "worthy," which reflects positive qualities and values. It can also signify someone who is considered noble and virtuous.

In other cultures, Ayra has different meanings as well. In Sanskrit, it means "noble goddess," embodying grace, beauty, and divinity. It is also associated with the Hindu goddess Saraswati, who symbolizes knowledge, creativity, and purity.

The name Ayra has gained popularity worldwide, partly due to its simplicity and uniqueness. Parents may choose this name for their daughters to convey qualities such as respectability, honor, and nobility. It carries a sense of feminity, elegance, and strength. Ayra is a name that embodies positive qualities and is often seen as a reflection of the parents' aspirations for their daughter to grow up to become a strong, graceful, and honorable individual.


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Overall UK ranking: 283 out of 5581

167 recorded births last year

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