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Ava name meaning:

The name Ava is of uncertain origin, but it is believed to have several possible meanings across different cultures.

* Latin Origin: One interpretation suggests that Ava could be related to the Latin word "avis," meaning "bird." In this context, Ava might symbolize freedom and lightness associated with birds.

* Hebrew Origin: Ava could also be a variant of the Hebrew name Chava (Eve), meaning "life" or "living one." In this sense, Ava might be associated with the idea of vitality and living energy.

* Germanic Origin: Another possibility is that Ava is of Germanic origin and is a short form of names like Aveline or Avis, derived from the element "avi," meaning "desired" or "life."

It's important to note that the exact origin and meaning of the name Ava remain somewhat uncertain, and interpretations can vary. The name has become quite popular in recent years and is appreciated for its simplicity and timeless appeal.

Origin: German

A bird / life

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Overall UK ranking: 4 out of 5581

2576 recorded births last year

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