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Name Popularity: 98%

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The name Annabelle is of English origin and is derived from the combination of the names Anna and Belle. Anna, meaning "grace" or "favor," has roots in Hebrew, while Belle, meaning "beautiful" or "lovely," originates from French. Therefore, the name Annabelle can be interpreted as "graceful beauty" or "lovely grace."

Those named Annabelle are often associated with elegance, charm, and a gentle nature. The name evokes a sense of femininity and sophistication. Annabelle carries a classic and timeless quality, appealing to parents seeking a name that exudes grace and beauty for their daughter.

Annabelle is a name that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks in part to its use in literature and movies. The name has been featured in works such as "Annabelle," a supernatural horror film, and is associated with the character Annabelle Lee in Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem. Overall, Annabelle is a name that embodies grace, beauty, and a touch of enchantment.

Origin: English

Variant of the Latin Amabel. Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'Annahel Lee' made the form Annabel popular throughout the English-speaking world in the 19th century. The form Annabelle became popular in the mid-2Oth century.

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