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Name Popularity: 17%

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The name Adia is of African origin and has a beautiful and unique meaning. Derived from the Swahili language, Adia means "gift" or "gift from God." This name carries a sense of significance and value, symbolizing the idea that the individual named Adia is a precious blessing in the lives of others.

Adia is a name that exudes warmth, love, and gratitude. It reflects the belief that every child is a special gift bestowed upon their parents and loved ones. The name Adia can serve as a constant reminder of the joy and gratitude that comes from having this precious person in one's life.

Furthermore, the name Adia is not only meaningful in its African origin, but it also holds significance across different cultures. In Hebrew, Adia is believed to mean "ornament" or "beautiful." In Arabic, it is associated with the word "adiyyah," which means "one who is serene and peaceful." These additional meanings add depth and richness to the name Adia, enhancing its beauty and positive connotations.

Origin: English


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Overall UK ranking: 4634 out of 5581

4 recorded births last year

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