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Name Popularity: 92%

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The name Aayat is of Arabic origin and primarily used as a feminine given name. It holds significant meaning in Islamic culture and is derived from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. In Arabic, the word "aayat" (آية) means "sign" or "miracle." It is often used to refer to the verses or passages in the Quran that are considered as signs from God.

Bestowed upon a girl, the name Aayat carries a sense of divine beauty and spirituality. It represents a profound connection with the Quran and the faith it embodies. The name serves as a reminder of the miraculous nature of life and the importance of recognizing and appreciating the signs and wonders around us.

Choosing the name Aayat for a girl demonstrates a desire to instill a deep reverence for spirituality and a love for the teachings of Islam. It signifies a hope that she will grow to be someone who not only finds solace and guidance in the Quran but also becomes a living testament to the divine signs that surround us all.


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Overall UK ranking: 431 out of 5581

101 recorded births last year

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