Bethan - girls name

Bethan name popularity, meaning and origin

Name Popularity: 86%

Bethan name meaning:

Origin: Welsh

Consecrated to God. May be derived from the names Beth and Ann, or a diminutive of Elizabeth or Bethany.

Related names

Elizabeth , Ailish , Alzbeta, Annalisa , Anneliese , Bess, Bessie , Bessy, Bethan , Betsey , Betsy , Bette, Bettina, Bettine, Betty , Elise , Eliza , Elizabetta, Elsa , Elsie , Elspeth , Elyza , Erihapeti, Ibbie, Ibby, Ilse , Isabeau, Isabela , Isabelle , Isahel, Isahella, Isahelle, Isohel, Izabel , Libba, Libby , Liesel , Liesl, Lisbet, Lisbeth, Lise, Lissette, Liz , Lizbeth, Lizette, Lizzie , Lizzy , Tetty, Tibby, Yelizaveta

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Overall UK ranking: 770 out of 5591

49 recorded births last year

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